ESC CTRL Shift minimix - Jerome LOL

Part of ESC CTRL Shift, a video party exploring transference and authorship within media art through artistic situations based on iteration and collaboration. Curated by Matt Troy

Original videos by Anthony Antonellis and Systaime.

Live video remixing by Sammy Chien.

Video documentation and post-production by Tommy Chain.

Recorded and performed in Vancouver BC at Fortune Sound Club. May 23, 2013.

ecs 2

JEROME██     ████    ██
   █     ██  ██   █
   ██    ██   ██ ██
  █    ██    ██  █
  ██    ██    ██ ██
 █     ██      █  █
██     ██   █    ██
█ ██  ██   ██   █   ██
████    ████     █████
          VIDEO PARTY

ESC CTRL Shift is a new media rave party bringing you the best the internet has to offer through music, installations, and performance. Fortune Sound Club will be reimagined into an interactive new-media cave offering never before seen party installations to surprise, confuse, and inspire. Installation artists and video artists will be commissioned to document the audience and ambience for a new video. Costumes and Club Kid Apparel are encouraged and receive discounted entry at door. EscCtrlShift


JEROME LOL has been hailed as the leader of the new wave of seapunk. His imagery and music has been copied, remixed, and appropriated by many artists including Rihanna's famous Saturday Night Live incident ( He is a leader of innovative sound and is one of the most prominent remix artists on the internet. This is Jerome's first performance in Vancouver of 2013.

Plus some juicy IRL local talent:

We will be remixing Net-Artist Systaime (FR) and Anthony Antonellis (USA) into new never before seen party installations, and visuals. With a new Tommy Chain video art in collaboration with interaction-designer Patrick Daggitt and VJ Sammy Chien (Chimerik) remixing videos and new media live visuals with cameras.

Photos by Lindsay's Diet

Anthony Antonellis
Tommy Chain
Sammy Chien (Chimerik)
curated by Matt Troy

Presentation Partners:
Tropical Love Connection

Costumes and Club Kid Apparel are encouraged and receive discounted entry at door. . Here are some local design ideas:

Sponsored by Hearing Gold, Salacious Sound, and Westcoast Culture

Fortune Sound Club 147 E.Pender St.
Tickets at Ticketzone, Highlife, Zulu, Red Cat, Beatstreet

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Posted Thursday, 23 May 2013

Premiering Star Trek Pizza Pool Party at SPAMM SAFARI

sa·fa·ri [suh-fahr-ee] Show IPA noun, plural sa·fa·ris, verb, sa·fa·ried, sa·fa·ri·ing.
1. a journey or expedition, for hunting, exploration, or investigation
2. the hunters, guides, vehicles, equipment, etc., forming such an expedition.
3. any long or adventurous journey or expedition.
verb (used without object)
4. to go on a safari.
Origin: 1885–90; < Swahili < Arabic safar journey

The Super Modern Art Museum is pleased to release its third collection of works, curated by LaTurbo Avedon and Systaime Alias Michaël Borras. SAFARI reaches into the possibilities of virtual landscape and uncharted space, showcasing the works of over fifty artists from around the world.

Posted Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Daniel Temkin

Posted Friday, 10 May 2013

Skills In DemandImage credit: Anthony Antonellis, Skills In Demand, 2013, video still

NADA New York
May 10th - May 12th, 2013
Pier 36, Basketball City. (299 South St. on the corner of South St. and Montgomery St.) Booth P10

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, 2013 - Art F City is pleased to announce the debut of AFC Selects, a limited-edition USB drive containing exclusive artworks by 11 internationally renowned artists: Anthony Antonellis, Jacob Ciocci, Paul B. Davis, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Lorna Mills, Shana Moulton, Jon Rafman, Rafael Rozendaal, Bunny Rogers, and Nicolas Sassoon. Each set of artworks is contained on a luxury Mobiado USB drive crafted from a single piece of sapphire crystal. AFC Selects will be available at the Art F City booth at NADA New York.

AFC Selects is generously endowed with enormous talents. Published in an edition of 100, AFC Selects contains original, commissioned artwork, including museum-quality videos and screensavers, large-scale GIFs, and custom software patches. From Sara Ludy's 449 frame billowing cloud GIF, to Shana Moulton's video documenting the bizarre effects of new age massage, the drive contains work that is extraordinary, beautiful, and just plain weird. It is nothing short of amazing.

Custom ribbons and packaging for the drive have been designed by artist Bunny Rogers, and each drive comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Art F City’s Paddy Johnson and all eleven artists. AFC Selects will be the first portfolio of its kind to take net art offline and put it where the collector can have it — inside a single piece of sapphire.

Proceeds from the sale will support Art F City. For information on how to view works or purchase a drive please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Posted Monday, 06 May 2013

Skills In Demand
Duration 00:01:35

A net art demo reel inspired by tech school commercials

Music: Megaschlager by Alma Alloro

Posted Thursday, 02 May 2013

Relational Gastronomy
Image credit: Ivo Gretener 

Relational Gastronomy
A collaboration between Anthony Antonellis and HENDRIK

Installed at the exhibition We outsourced everything and now we're bored. at L'Atelier-Kunst(spiel)raum, Berlin.
Exhibition database:

Posted Monday, 29 April 2013

ccc lucite dominicquagliozzi

Posted Tuesday, 16 April 2013