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I've been featured in the Spanish trend magazine NOTODO.

The article is in Spanish, for an English version click here to Google Translate.




GIFmondo (III) ::: La gran traca final
by Pilar Díez Villar

Posted Sunday, 03 June 2012



This week I launched the website is an online-gallery listing and directory. The  archive contains current, past, and future exhibitions with dates, links, and press releases.

Posted Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Animated GIF on LED billboard


Posted Monday, 28 May 2012



My work Document is now online in the 1MB ZIP Group Show at Fach & Asendorf Gallery

"It must be downloaded" show to celebrate FA-G's 1st anniversary.

Posted Monday, 14 May 2012




Consumer inkjet printer and inkjet prints
installation dimensions variable 

Document is a technological endurance art installation where a block ASCII PDF, over 600 color pages in length, is sent to a consumer model inkjet printer. Freshly loaded ink cartridges produce page after page until the ink wells are depleted. The performance is illuminated by tapestry sized excerpts on the surrounding walls. 

The installation is transmitted by hybrid mail; where the artwork, sent digitally, is received by the gallery as a template for implementation. Likewise, any user can download the file and produce the installation locally.

A4 paper versus A4 car: should digital be kept digital? When performed, Document is an expensive commodity. With a cost averaging €3800/Liter, consumer inkjet ink is one of the most valuable substances in the world. 8 liters worth of cartidge ink costs the same as 2012 Audi A4.


Document has been performed during Flat at Info-Punkt, Leipzig, and during CTRL-C/CTRL-V at Steambox, Dublin.

An Arial font, 450 page edition is included in the 1MB ZIP show on



Posted Monday, 14 May 2012

Little Berlin - Open Web Stuio
Monday, May 7th from 7-9PM EST

Open Web Studio will be hosted online for 2012 – our first event of the year will feature a number of artists skyping in to share information about their recent work, and upcoming shows – these 'virtual studio visits' will be broadcast live on Ustream.


Philipp Teister (soon-to-be Philly)
Jeanette Hayes (NYC)
Alfredo Salazar-Caro (Chicago)
Sandy Frank (Philly)
Anthony Antonellis (Massachusetts) 
Lee Tusman (Philly)
Nicole Killian (Minneapolis)
Robert Lorayn (Phoenix)

Hosted by little berlin member Kelani Nichole.

Please join us via USTREAM. The studio is open to the public and participants can ask questions via chat on the Open Web Studio channel:


(My visit begins at 47 mins)

Posted Monday, 07 May 2012