Are You Still There

Offline Art: Are you still there?

part of ‘Hamster – Hipster – Handy.’
at Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt
April 25th, - July 05th, 2015
Opening April 24, 6:00 pm

Curated by Aram Bartholl

Offline Art

Offline Art

Posted Friday, 03 July 2015

Venice Biennale #56

Alma Alloro / Anthony Antonellis / Rachael Archibald / Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach / Paul Barsch / Dineo Seshee Bopape / Matteo Ceretto Castigliano / Debora Delmar / Jack Fisher / Luc Fuller / Shiyu Gao / Jason Hirata / Tilman Hornig & Anselm Ruderisch / Sascha Hundorff / Simona Lamparelli / Lorna Mills / Yorgos Sapountzis / Sydney Shen / Santiago Taccetti

Grand Opening: May 7, 8pm
May 7 - Nov. 22, 2015
@'Pizza Al Volo', Campo Santa Margherita, Venezia, Italia 

Posted Wednesday, 06 May 2015

The curator as barman
(the book)

Curated by The School for Curatorial Studies Venice – edited and conceived by Automatic Books and illustrated by photographer Antje Peters – The curator as barman is a publication that collects 28 artists’ drink recipes, produced on the occasion of the Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market in Venice.

Raphael Rozendaal, Brad Philips, David Horwitz, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Keren Cytter, Ilja Karilampi, Jesse Greenberg, Elvire Bonduelle, Roberto Fassone, Nicolas Pelzer, Anthony Antonellis, Adriana Rami, Martin Kohout, Luca De Leva, Mark Mulroney, Anne de Vries, Michael Pybus, Matthew Speedy, Amalia Ulman, Ignacio Uriarte, Renee Cox, Daniel Keller, Jonas Lund, Thomas Dozol, Antoine Renard, Yuri Pattison, Joel Holmberg, Paul Sepuya

The book 'The Curator as Barman' will be launched at
Rob Pruitt Flea Market, A+A Gallery, May 5, 2015 (during Venice Biennale)

ISBN: 9788890125980
Edition 500

Posted Tuesday, 05 May 2015

ROOM OF REQUIREMENT BERLIN is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Hands Off!, curated by Francesca Gavin, on March 12th at 7pm.

Hands Off!
A group show curated by Francesca Gavin

Opening: Thursday, March 12th at 7pm
Duration: 13.03. – 05.04.2015

Posted Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ways of Something is screening at Western Front on March 5th at 7pm.

Ways of Something is a contemporary remake of John Berger’s BBC documentary, Ways of Seeing (1972). Compiled by Lorna Mills, the project consists of one-minute videos by 58 web-based artists. The resultant collage of 3D renderings, animated GIFs, film remixes and webcam performances encapsulate the cacophonous conditions of art making since the advent of digital media and the Internet.

Posted Tuesday, 03 March 2015

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X+1 at Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal
For the next Nocturne du Mac (Friday February 20) :

X+1 unfurls the universe and aesthetics of net art and web culture. For this Nocturne evening, the walls of the circular architectural space of the Rotonde will be enlivened and filled with a profusion of images. Networking and exchange activities, along with many different creations by local and international artists, will merge together before being retranscribed in a unique, immersive, visual experience.

The originators of the project⎯Erin Gee, Benoit Palop, Sabrina Ratté and Tristan Stevens⎯have invited artists from their personal networks who, in turn, have each invited another artist, a method of selection that emphasizes URL social activities and the open source, exponential nature of creation in the Internet age: hence the designator X+1.

As part of this event, Sabrina Ratté and Roger Tellier-Craig will put on an audiovisual performance at 8 p.m., which will be followed by a performance by hybrid characters created by Erin Gee.

Participating artists:

Morehshin Allahyari, Anthony Antonellis, LaTurbo Avedon, Jeremy Bailey, Masha Batsea, John Boyle-Singfield, Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper, Jennifer Chan, Max D. (Deglazer) : Throughout the evening, the artist will move about the space and project his creations live, M. Plummer Fernandez, Adam Ferriss, Carrie Gates, Émilie Gervais, Erin Gee, Claudia Hart, Anna Hawkins, Faith Holland, Zahid Jiwa, Alex M. Lee, Sara Ludy, Claudia Mate, Lorna Mills, Adriana Minolti, Sam Newell, Maryann Norman, Aoto Oouchi, Eva Papamargariti, Lorena Prain, Sabrina Ratté, Rafia Santana, Nicolas Sassoon, Tristan Stevens, Roger Tellier-Craig, Josh Tonies, Reid Urban and Krist Wood.

Posted Friday, 20 February 2015

National Heroes
Runtime 50 seconds

Posted Thursday, 19 February 2015

Free Things
12 February 2015
Gallery One at STCFTHOTS, Leeds, UK

‘Free Things’ is a show of works made by people selected and invited from the curators Facebook Friend list. Orchestrated primarily through Facebook Messenger; the constant exchange between artists and collation of ideas explores the potential of an instant networking system. For some of the artists; this was the first time we’d ever spoken. Asking people to essentially donate works meant artists would be surrendering ideas and financial gain for the collective concensus. 

Exploiting the capabilities of this social media engine and the role it now plays in our day to day lives. Questioning the role of the artist as constant idea producer when the idea is fundamentally published for nothing? 

By entering into agreement as facebook friends you are granted permission to immediately participate in each others lives. The traumatized individual suffering constant update, now turns off their notifications in attempt to gain a moments silence.

The socially networked artist now offers their work to be viewed, used and abused freely. As distributing Art Images becomes ever more immediate, the communities of creators now effectively open sourcing their ideas for immediate reproduction, by anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Placed into a global capitalist economy it becomes absurd to sacrifice profit over the greater good of the whole. 

What happens when everything becomes images? 

On Thursday February 12th from 6.30pm every artwork remaining in Gallery One at STCFTHOTS, 25 Wharf Street, Leeds will be awaiting ownership.

Any works in the space are free for people to take away with them. In return you may wish to bring and exchange an object in place of another. The artists are aware that their work is their to be taken and exchanged as you so wish. The complete archive and documentation of the show will exist online at

Curated by Jack Fisher

Posted Thursday, 12 February 2015

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Ways of Something
12 Feburary 2015
The Photographers' Gallery, London, UK

85 web-based artists remake John Berger’s historic documentary ‘Ways of Seeing’ (1972) one minute at a time. Originally commissioned by The One Minutes, at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam and compiled by Lorna Mills, the episodes present a sequence of 3D renderings, filmic remixes, videos and webcam performances which subvert the tropes of art history in an entertaining and overwhelming way.

Posted Thursday, 12 February 2015



GIF Studio
January 21- April 12 / Jepson Center

The animated GIF (Graphic Interchange File) has risen in recent years from a crude adornment of early websites to an emerging contemporary art form. Alongside rising popular appeal, GIFs have also made the leap into both web-based and physical art exhibitions and installations. This small exhibition highlights the GIF in the work of who bring web animations into physical gallery space or recreate traditional art spaces (studio, museum, gallery) in browser space. Artists include T.S. Abe, Anthony Antonellis, Carolyn Frischling , Vince McKelvie, Eva Papamargariti, Nicholas Sassoon and Drew Tyndell.



Posted Wednesday, 21 January 2015