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032c is a media and fashion platform that has evolved from a Berlin magazine. Currently, under its own brand, it creates clothes that refer to slack and streetwear. 032c's clothes and shoes are inspired by freedom, creativity and the openness of the universe.

032c - from magazine to fashion brand

Created at the beginning of the 21st century, the 032c magazine dealt with cultural, fashion and political issues. The development of the magazine and the recognition of the fashion world, expressed through various industry awards, contributed to the creation of the brand and sales platform. A broad view not only of fashion but also of culture has made the brand identify strongly with global aspirations. Its mission is to provoke, excite, stimulate the imagination, but also to develop and support dreams that turn into plans to achieve them. It turns out that the brand's philosophy and its deep roots in culture find many supporters who identify with these values ​​and want to express themselves through clothes in a unique streetwear style. Find out of 032c is also for you!

Gel-Kyrios lace-up sneakers | 032c - clothes that go beyond the horizons

The brand creates a fashion that fits well with streetwear, but at the same time shows its teeth, characteristic of 032c. They are inspired by current fashion trends, but there is also no shortage of original ideas for their interpretation. In the 032c portfolio, you will find different types of clothing, including:

  • jackets and other outerwear,
  • sweatshirts,
  • T-shirts,
  • tops,
  • cardigans,
  • dresses,
  • skirts,
  • underwear,
  • swimsuits.

The offer is complemented by a variety of accessories. Such a wide range of different types of clothes allows you to create complete ready-to-wear sets, tailored to your preferences and expressing your character, style and approach to fashion. In our studio, you will find men's and women's 032c clothes that have their own individual style.

Where did the idea for the brand name come from?

In 032c everything is unusual, original and stimulates the imagination. The very idea of ​​the name expresses the unconventional way of thinking of the brand's creators. 032c looks like an address element, but it's not the brand's location. When its creator, Joerg Koch, founded the magazine, the inspiration was color, which is typical of the brand's unconventional approach, even to its own name. He based it on the well-known Pantone scale. It identifies the colors according to the specified numbering. 032c is… red. These were the first numbers of the magazine. At the same time, the 032c Pantone code became the name of the entire brand. No wonder red remained with the brand, visible mainly on the expressive tags, where the brand name is placed on a red background.

Who is the 032c fashion for?

Freedom and creativity are the brand's slogans that set the direction of its development. So who are 032c clothes and shoes made for? Their natural recipients are young people, brave, looking for their identity, not accepting compromises, for whom the world is wide open. They draw on original solutions, are not afraid of challenges and experimenting - also with fashion. They go further, higher, without accepting the limitations. They get carried away by their imagination and turn their dreams into plans that they implement. They are inspired by culture and art, looking for their paths, gathering experiences and collecting the best moments of life. Age does not matter. The youthfulness of spirit and an enlightened approach to life and an open mind is the domain of many people, and 032c is the answer to this demand. These are the clothes of people who are free in spirit and mind, who chase life and enjoy its infinite beauty.

In our studio you will find 032c clothes for men and women that you can wear every day, celebrating life and at the same time emphasizing your fashion taste and its role in your life. Reach for the stars and feel the unlimited possibilities offered by the universe with the 032c brand.

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