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sease worker 2 virgin wool sweater | Alpha Industries Women's Bomber Jackets & Clothing

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Apparel by Alpha Industries is widely recognised and acclaimed all over the world. Jackets by this American brand are here for you also in AnthonyantonellisShops! They are worn by celebrities and trendsetters. Windbreakers by Alpha Industries come in a unique shape, which cannot be mistaken for any other brand. The most popular models are those branded with the NASA logo. They are manufactured by Alpha Industries, because the company collaborates with the famous National Aeronautics and Space Administration. And this is just one of all the secrets behind this American brand…


Women’s clothes by Alpha Industries – timeless fashion


Have you ever thought how the iconic flight jackets lee lee rider jacket light alton Alpha Industries. Initially, the manufacturer focused on military apparel. Classic American air force jackets have become immensely popular. Hollywood movies about soldiers and the army have also played their part in the growing popularity of this garment.


Alpha Industries jacket in the film


The first thing that comes to your mind is probably Tony Scott’s “Top Gun” featuring Tom Cruise. Another popular model is the Alpha Industries field jacket. You will probably remember that Robert De Niro wore it in the legendary “Taxi Driver” by Martin Scorsese.


Trends in women’s fashion


As one might expect, military trends in men’s fashion were soon reflected in women’s apparel as well. Flight jackets and bomber jackets are worn by contemporary fashion icons. Such jackets are increasingly popular also because of the endorsement they get from such celebrities as the Jenner sisters or Gigi Hadid, who set the trends in the modern fashion world.


sease worker 2 virgin wool sweater | Products by Alpha Industries - more than jackets


Among the products available in AnthonyantonellisShops you will find more than trendy jackets by this American brand. We also have a range of comfy t-shirts and hoodiesswimsuits, embellish reggie denim jacket embsp caps or bumbags.


American brand - outstanding quality


Alpha Industries stands out mainly because of the premium quality of its products. The solutions drawn from the military are now available for the fans of this brand. This apparel stands out because of the durable, robust fabrics and utmost attention to detail. This is why these clothes will stay with you for years. One thing is for sure – they will definitely remain trendy all this time.


Apparel by Alpha Industries in AnthonyantonellisShops


If you’re looking for high quality clothes by a renowned American brand, you’re in the right place. Explore the apparel and oversizedories by Alpha Industries, which are here for you in AnthonyantonellisShops!

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