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Comfort and good value for money Perfect for running a couple of days a week | Palladium Women's Boots

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Ankle boots WRANGLER Vermont Lace WL02610A Black Military Palladium brand began with… airplane tires. In the 1920s, the company supplied the aircraft industry with premium tires, and after the Second World War, started to produce high-quality men’s and women’s shoes - just as parts as their airplane tires. Given the producer’s experience with rubber and canvas textiles, the shoes’ quality was absolutely unparalleled. They were even used by the Foreign Legion as their official footwear during their march to Africa. Modern Palladium shoes for women are super trendy right now, perfect for casual outfits.

Comfort and good value for money Perfect for running a couple of days a week | Palladium boots for women. First of all: diversity

The large choice of colours and styles makes the brand Palladium extremely popular among fashion bloggers and headline-level celebrities. The shoes are also popular among men - they could be seen on Brad Pitt’s and Eminem’s feet.

Palladium shoes for women are some of the highest quality hiking shoes, winter shoes, and sneakers available on the market - despite their military history, the shoes make for perfect footwear for women. The most popular lines of Palladium are Palladium Baggy and the classic Pampa models.

The production process of Palladium shoes makes use of only the highest quality materials, including textiles, rubber, and leather. You don’t need rain boots to keep your feet dry - rubber shoes from Palladium are perfect for just that. What’s more, the brand offers a wide variety of colours, many of which are available at SneakerStudio.

Second of all: functionality

The impeccable aesthetics and attention to detail are not the only upside of these French shoes. They are also extremely sturdy and resilient, and Palladium enthusiasts appreciate their waterproof capabilities and the ability to work great on a variety of surfaces. The reason for Palladium’s success is primarily their use of innovative technology. If you like Timberland women’s shoes for their versatility and sturdiness, you’ll love Palladium. Choose shoes that’ll keep you warm in any weather!

Palladium - women’s shoes for the whole year

One of the biggest uspides of the French shoe company is their rich inventory of products. At our online store, you’ll find a wide variety of shoes designed for summer and for winter. What’s interesting, they’re not very different from each other design-wise - in both cases, they retain the characteristic Palladium silhouette. What is different, instead, are the materials used and the shoes’ finish.

Let’s take a look at the classic Palladium Pampa women’s shoes. The summer version is made out of canvas, making them look very similar to classic women’s high-top shoes. They’re only differentiated by their sole, with deep treads. Those treads are also found in the winter version, but that’s the only similarity. The winter shoes are much closer in looks to hiking shoes - made out of waterproof leather and filled with warm wool. It also features waterproofed stitching and rubber-protected front, both of which increase weatherproofing and the shoe’s functionality.

As you can clearly see, Dolce & Gabbana logo-embossed boots Black. Both summer and winter versions will keep your feet comfortable and safe, and will complete your outfits with their unique design.

Palladium shoes - women’s models available at AnthonyantonellisShops

Palladium is a perfect choice for all women who hate generic clothing. Palladium is worn primarily by rock enthusiasts, rebels, and preppy style fans, as they’re colourful and feature a truly unique design.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t offer versatile Palladium women’s shoes! We provide a wide variety of models, including versatile and toned-down ones, that will perfectly fit casual everyday outfits.

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