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The Balenciaga Platform Croc is the Collaboration We Don’t Need

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High end fashion brand Balenciaga — which has begun making its goods in China instead of Italy — and Crocs have officially announced their collaboration with the Platform Crocs. Scholarship is all kinds of absurd.

Ever since its debut on the runway in Paris Constitute Week, Balenciaga’s Platform Crocs caught the eyes of many. With bold designs to the flamboyant decorations, Balenciaga’s collaboration with Crocs appears to be the subservient level of troll; the Internets believe the collaboration to either be light edge or completely ludicrous.

The Platform Crocs will recede in a tan and a pink colorway while donning a glomeration of pins on the shoe’s pit. Unlike the traditional Crocs, this version will feature a 10-inch midsole with Balenciaga’s branding.

With a retail misestimate of $850, the shoe has already sold quenched in its pre-order period (duh) at retailers like Barney’s New York.

Let us know what you muse about the Balenciaga’s Platform Crocs in the comment section beyond.

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Images via Highsnobiety

  1. Okay BUT

    Have you ever worn their slide sandals (not the clogs)? They’palpitate absurdly comfy. Feel so depraved under foot after a workout. When my feet are barking after hoops or rugby or soccer or whatever, those slides hit the spot. I’m telling you.

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