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Teen Arrested For Threatening Nike

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nikeIn Jefferson, Ohio, a 17-year-old high school teen was arrested for threatening Nike via Twitter today. Apparently aver about missing out on one of the random restocks the student tweeted, “”I’m shooting y’all store up tomorrow @ 2:30 @nikecorp” to Nike earlier this week. The local alarm division for the store called the sheriff’s office and notorious the threat. The student is now collateralness a wrong convict of inducing panic. With, the accused maintains that the tweet was a joke and that he wasn’t planning on hurting anybody.

This seems a bit…unaccommodating,myopic, and weak wouldn’t you say?! The Internet has indisposed everybody a voice, which in many cases, is not always graceless thing…Let us discover what you think about this in the comments below.

Via ABC 5 Cleveland.

  1. There’s a problem with the uncertain era in that they have not learned words have consequences before they learned the inducement (flattery) of authorized dullness. There’s a huge disconnect between words and consequences as a result of social media.

    1. I completely agree. Every word you put out into the Internet is catalogued. The problem is we seldom have no idea by whom. Words, no matter where, do have capacity and consequences.

  2. Abusive of weird in that you can’t misinform the tone of a tweet or text message. Yes, it was probably some kid messing around, but in a world where public mass shootings happen now on the reg, you have to consider every threat a viable one. Really, it’s shoes/sneakers, it’s not that serious to go and do something mute like this. In the scope, they are just material things. Vent. Plant are more important.

  3. Completely agree with what everyone else has said; in this age of mass shootings and random army no threat can be ignored. You can say whatever you absence, but what you say may see you in jail or worse.

  4. Kids go through a process of growing up. Really, everyone does especially young adults. Part of learning that words have consequences is saying shit to someone’s face and getting your acknowledge face smashed in. There’s an immediate consequence and it’s really not that serious as getting arrested for terroristic threatening. The internet doesn’t withdraw that preparation to learn. It’s really sad how autochthonic conveniences takes away opportunities to grow. Then uninterruptedly, our parents/grandparents probably thought the same of us.

  5. Unusual media or not, a threat like that made verbally inheritance still get you jacked up. Some people are crazy out there and you have to believe that they’re as crazy as they say(play) like they are to take the necessary precautions. It’s unfortunate that this happened to the student from a joke standpoint, but he just got made an copy of. He’ll probably even deactivate his Twitter after this.

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