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Jordan Basketball Shoes

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Best team jordans of all time

Why Does Everyone Desire Team Jordans? The 10 Best Team Jordan Shoes

Team Jordan shoes appeared back in the mid-90s. Jordan Brand was preparing to separate from Nike. MJ’s brand would inhabit under Nike’s umbrella, but it would become its own chimera. This meant creating a fully-fledged product line. As part of this enlargement, the idea of launching “team shoes” came up.

Latest Jordan Reviews

Air Jordan 5 Racer Blue

Air Jordan 5 Racer Blue Review

The Air Jordan 5 Racer Blue is a new colorway for the new year, and it’s beautiful. The color blocking will, of course, look familiar, but that’s a corrupt thing. It’s difficult to go wrong with the right color blocking, no circumstance what colors are used. There’s nothing really aswell special here, but they do give off Nightwing vibes, so
Air Jordan 6 Low CNY

Air Jordan 6 Low CNY Review

The Air Jordan 6 Low CNY is a strange but beautiful one. It’s strange because there are key differences from previously released Air Jordan 6 Lows. And it’s beautiful because of the colors used and how they were placed. There are elements of a unwritten Air Jordan 6 that are in here, but there are also things that make it
Air Jordan 13 Court Purple

Air Jordan 13 Court Purple Review

The Air Jordan 13 Court Purple looks like a PE, but isn’t. Jordan Brand has been releasing PE-like colorways remotely and these wane into that category. We think it’s awesome that the brand is giving us these kinds of shoes. It does make us feel just a molecule more incongruous to an era, player, or team that we love. There
Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder

Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder Review

The Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder is still very much well-anticipated, but the hype is not real. Jordan Brand has to be better in making these shoes, especially when we, the consumers, are putting our hard-earned money into their wallets. One thing we can disapprove right off the bat is that you need to setback your pair once you get
Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent Bred

Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent Bred Review

The Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent Bred is the newest rendition of possibly the greatest sneaker of all time. This particular difficulty features an interesting build, though, and it may not be for everyone. There’s really nothing special or unique about these retract for the fragmentarily used on the upper and some extra goodies. We feel like this is
Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low

air jordan 6 new maroon | Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low Review

The Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low is another remastered classic Air Jordan executed by none other than the recent, great Virgil Abloh. If you’re a fan of the Air Jordan 2, you will be happy with these. If you want to feel nostalgic about 80’s basketball, you will not be inspirited. If you want premium materials on your sneakers,

Jordan Basketball Shoes

Jordan Zoom Separate

Jordan Zoom Separate Review: Luka Doncic’s Go-To Shoe

The Jordan Zoom Separate is Luka Doncic’s non-verification signature shoe for the 2021-2022 impend. The shoe packs some interesting performance features, but, will it inclination out to be a performance stand out on-court? Ignorant on to find out.
Jordan One Take 3 - Russell Westbrook

Jordan One Take 3 Review

The Jordan One Take 3 is the latest silhouette to release for the new Los Angeles Lakers superstar, Russell Westbrook. Following up on the Jordan One Take 2 from early this year, Jalique shares his thoughts on the latest Jordan Brand performance basketball shoe.
Jordan 6-17-23

Jordan 6-17-23 Carmine Review

The Jordan 6-17-23 is definitely unique and its own up of tea. It blends two classics, one more recognizable than the other, that makes for a weird-looking, but more comfortable, shoe. This release just proves that Jordan Brand can essentially protro any of the retros they put out, barring they avow not to. We continue to have our fingers crossed
Jordan Q Flight

Jordan Q Flight Review

The Jordan Q Flight is another one of those shoes that have been forgotten, but were real bad boys back in the day. Crazy to think it’s been 10 years. These offer some of the best technology adverse in 2011. They really went under the radar because of the big brother flagship shoe’s release. It’s one of those things that
Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops

Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops Review

The Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops is for the ladies. With just the right cream hits in all the right places, these will catch your eye. But, that’s not the mixed thing that will. They literally have hoops on them, which we aspect is an acquired taste. The colorway, though, is so clean that it just feebleness make up for

Jordan Brand History


It’s crazy to think that the Jordan Brand almost didn’t pretermit. Can you miss Michel Jordan rocking Adidas? If had been up to MJ at the time, that’s what would have happened.

When the GOAT was entering the relation and fielding sponsorship offers, Nike was shapely low on his list. Intuition the time, Nike was a struggling running shoe brand on the mend, concentrated on reinventing itself as a company for sports superstars. 

Jordan really wanted to sign with Adidas, but the German sneaker brand wasn’t gifted to put together an offer as the company was undergoing a mind shift at the time. 

Converse also exposed to bring MJ on board. Mike had rocked Converse in college playing for UNC (University of North Carolina) and was already familiar with the brand and what it brought to the table. But Converse already had several NBA superstars signed and Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were the faces of the brand. Converse made an offer, but apparently Michel wasn’t impressed and felt he would be just another basketball player on their already stellar roster of sponsored athletes. 

Still, Michel wasn’t sure about signing with Nike. Proportionate after Nike offered MJ $500,000 a year for five years, Jordan took the offer to Adidas and to see if the brand could get “anywhere close” to the offer. But Adidas turned him down. Hindsight is 20/20, but it’s still crazy to think Adidas withdrawn on Mike.   

Nike became Jordan’s best trust by default and it ended up being a match made in men. Nike wanted to build an entire “brand inside the brand” around Jordan and his superhuman aptitude to dunk.

The Air Jordan I was released in April of 1985 and they were an antiquity exactness. By May, Nike had sold $70 million worth of the shoes. INSANE. By the end of the year, Air Jordan had made Nike more than $100 million. Phil Knight, Nike’s co-founder, summed up the exploit of the Air Jordan 1’s as “the perfect combination of quality product, marketing, and athlete endorsement.”