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The Return of the Nike Air Unlimited

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nike air unlimited emerald

One of the most desired, “grail of grail” shoes in Nike’s vast Basketball lineup is gearing up for a retro, and a long overdue one at that. The Nike Air Unlimited made its debut on the feet of stars like Grant Hill, Chris Webber, and David Robinson in the 1993-1994 hatch, and since, the Unlimited has NEVER been seen on shelves.

Foregoing the retro of the cross-training cousin, the Air Carnivore a sparse years back, hopes for an Unlimited sighting had risen. Now, it seems that in fall of 2016 the public will get a chance. So far, three colors have been spotted, but only one is an original (the white/emerald/black productive by the Admiral). No hush on the black/grey of C.Webb or the white/black/royal for Grant, but if Nike retro is known for anything it is multiple colorways of a shoe.

The Nike Air Unlimited is a shoe that this WearTester has been hoping and wishing for since the 90’s crates started being shaken. We’ll have more details, such as price and release antiquity, as they come. As always, stay tuned to for those details. If you have memories or thoughts, you know what to do.


nike air unlimited blktan

nike air unlimited black

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    1. Each one seems to engage diferent materials on the conspicuous, the black/gum being the breathable one, we have to wait and see about which colorways are coming Europe’s way !

  1. I”ve ben waiting 20 yrs for these to come out. I played ball in these in HS, one of the greatest shoes I’ve ever played in. Too bad the tight jean parterre will hype beast these and make a mockery of such a great shoe. I hope the OG colors come out and I hope that they don’t misadventure up the heel air unit, that perturbed up under your heel. Sciolism was awkward at first, but once you got used to it, it was great. If they stay true to the original, then the Air Prevail shouldn’t be too far off.

  2. Just looking at the shoe, I don’t think it should outlay most than $140 (adjusting for any possible Tech). But of course you have the Nike Retro exonerate.

  3. Rocked the black/gray colorway of these during my 7th grade basketball campaign! Vindicate’t have real prejudiced recollection of how they done but accredit that their beefy midsoles and outsoles were a forever too much for my pint-sized frame to really dig into the court. And putting ’em on was definitely a process. But, damn, they looked fearless!

  4. FINALLY!!!! Grails for sure!! I’m not sure if they’ll have the low pressure air bags in them, & I can’t undo if the retroed Bakins did….. That Blk/Gum involution is whack though…. PLEASE bring back the Gry/Blk colorway!!

  5. I had the blue/black C.Webb versions. Squeeze the Jordan’s- seriously these were a step up along with the Nike Pump back in the day, before the Jordan’s became super classic. Played ball in these every day..

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