SPAMM @ Les Transnumériques - Galeries, Brussels


May 2 to 20, 2012
IRL Exhibition Les Transnumériques - Galeries, Brussels (Be)
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Under the artistic direction of Philippe Franck, and Valerie Cordy an artist associated with this fourth edition, "Les Transnumériques" constitute a unifying platform for digital cultures in Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and exposes one hundred projects in a hybrid approach to both prospective and friendly: installations, performances AV, exhibitions, projections, talks/meetings, workshops and many more.

For this fourth edition "Les Transnumériques", SuPer Art Modern Museum (SPAMM) create the event with a large IRL exhibition of works selected on and announced a second virtual exhibition.


May 02 to 20, 2012

Palle Torson / Yann Weissgerber / Jankenpopp / Jon satrom / Rosa Menkman / Eva and Franco Mattes / Miyö Van Stenis / Jennifer Chan / Evan Roth / Daniel R Leyva / Constant Dullaart / Adam Cruces / Daniel Swan / Jonathan keller keller / Travess Smalley / Sarah Weis and Arturo Cubacub / Rick Silva / Rene Abythe / Max Capacity / Emilie Gervais / Jasper Elings / Emilio Gomariz / Martin Cole / Anthony Antonellis / Samantha Harvey / Chris Collins / Lorna Mills / Sara Ludy / Françoise Gamma / Annie Abrahams
Select by Thomas Cheneseau and Systaime

SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum)


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