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Attending was a series of four art salons initiated by Hendrik Niefeld and Ronny Szillo at the Essential Existence Gallery in Leipzig, Germany.

Inspired by Rafaël Rozendaals BYOB format every salon consisted of an few hours lasting exhibition of projected artworks. The four exhibitions featured eight artists per evening, each showing one work.

Visitors and artists could attend the salons and featured exhibitions IRL or online via Ustream, as well as the G+ Hangout.

Participating artists have been asked to invite one other appreciated artist to the following exhibition.


25.08. - 01.09. - 08.09. - 15.09. - 2011

first salon - august 25

Anthony Antonellis
Bea Fremderman
Burkhard Beschow
Francoise Gamma
Jeffrey Henderson
Paul Philipp Heinze
Ron Nuyork