Speed Show – “Becoming, Not Being”

becoming not being2

August 27th 9 pm – 2 am

internet-cafe Bordeaux
Schonhauser Alle 52a
10437 Berlin, Germany


“Becoming, Not Being” is in reference to flux, change, turbulence, evolution, emergent phenomena, consciousness and the Internet. It’s a way of thinking of ‘non-selfhood’ and an openness to change and flexible notions of self and other. It is a model of thought in which travel and movement, rather than destination and place, become areas of investigation. The world is in constant flux, which creates infinite opportunities for discovery and rebirth. There is no empirical objective structured reality in which we live, but rather fluctuating interference patterns and fractaling levels of consciousness and thought which are constantly forming and dissolving like flocks of birds. These spiritual notions of impermanence, non-selfhood and interconnectedness are analogous to the structure of the Internet and the ways in which it has transformed, and will continue to transform human consciousness. I have asked participating artists in “Becoming, Not Being” to consider the title of the show and interpret it freely as they see fit.
- Sterling Crispin

Participating Artists

Anthony Antonellis
Jermy Bailey
Lucy Chinen
Joseph Coniff
Aurora Crispin
Sterling Crispin
Bea Fremderman
Kristy Foom
Francoise Gamma
Emilie Gervais
Alexandra Gorczynski
Jeremiah Johnson
Daniel Keller
Sally McKay
Lorna Mills
Wyatt Niehaus
Dmitri Obergfell
Nicholas O’Brien
Niko Princen
Ryder Ripps
Rafael Rozendaal
Zach Reini
Mike Schonebaum
Ernst Markus Stein
Britta Thie
Ania Urbanski
Mario Zoots