#0000FF Line#1

line1 flyer


FACEBOOK, THE INTERNETz (July 18, 2012) #0000FF Gallery is announcing its grand opening, July 26, with #0000FF Line #1, the first installment of a micro-exhibition thematic series featuring the work of Anthony AntonellisKim AsendorfManuel Fernández & Hugo Scibetta. Each artist will present a single piece inspired by and paying tribute to the 'Blue Aesthetic'.

The necessity for aesthetic interaction between users and online interfaces was evident ever since the appearance of the first social network sites. Our contribution, wheter it is an outcome of an online curatorial process or simply them alterations to satisfy our personal taste, has prove to be a vital factor for the success of any new media. By being a Facebook Art Gallery, #0000FF's goal is to enhance facebook users' visual experience and challenge the network's limitations by addressing aesthetic, social and political issues.