[STREET_TEAM:NYC] is a curatorial project by Alfredo Salaza-Caro, in which the work of selected international artists (consisting of video and animated .gif's) is clandestinely installed in major museums around the world and in this case New York City.

Participating artists include:
✈Brenna Murphy
✈Michael Hall
✈Anthony Antonellis
✈Kim Asendorf
✈Lorna Mills
✈Arcane Bolt (Mark Beasley, Alex Inglizian, and Tamas Kemenczy)
✈Wang Yefeng
✈Systaime (Michaël Borras)
✈Esteban Otaso
✈Jon Chambers
✈Daniel Temkin

This project was made possible through a comission by Charles Schneider, Curator for Art Basel Miami Davis Satellite Show, where [STREET_TEAM:NY] was first exhibited.