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WHAT: Pratt ’s Department of Digital Arts will host a one-day festival celebrating the Brooklyn digital arts community. The festival, “PHATT B – A Celebration of Digital Arts in Brooklyn,” will include a series of panel discussions with artists, curators, and writers working in new media and digital arts, workshops on art and technology, and an exhibition of work from eight contemporary Brooklyn digital art galleries. All programming is underscored with the idea that technology is used as a fine arts medium for personal expression. The event is sponsored by Art F City.

WHO: Eva and Franco Mattes (a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG), two pioneers in the movement that have been called the “Bonnie and Clyde of Contemporary Art,” will deliver a keynote address on their unpredictable and controversial digital art works.

WHEN: Saturday, September 21, 10AM-8 PM
Workshops and Panels led by Pratt faculty 10-5 PM
Keynote by Eva and Franco Mattes from 5-6 PM
Gallery Reception from 6-8 PM

WHERE: Pratt Institute’s Myrtle Hall
215 Willoughby Avenue, back lot
Brooklyn, NY 11205

ADMISSION: Free and Open to the Public


Chair: Peter Patchen
Assistant Chair: Carla Gannis
PHATT-B Coordinator : Marianna Ellenberg
Graduate Assistant: Shayna The Art of Shayna Hawkins
Co-Host: Art F City



Interstate Projects – Rachel De Joode “The Hole and the Lump”

247365 – Benjamin Phelan, Digital Sculpture and Photography

Momenta Art – Oasa Duverney “MYLF” Video Series 

Nurture Art – Videorover Program presents Ryan Whittier Hale

Devotion Gallery  Jeremy Bailey 

Present Company presents The Hip-Hop Word Count and Artist Tahir Hemphill

Cartune Xprez  Peter Burr “Green Red” Hyppereal Animation Loops.

Transfer Gallery  Anthony Antonellis of


247365 is a contemporary art space run by Jesse Greenberg and Macgregor Harp, located in the Donut District of Brooklyn. It was founded in 2012. 

 is an experimental animation screen series run by Brooklyn based artist Peter Burr. Burr has presented Carton Xprez programs locally and internationally, at venues including PICA (Portland), Museum of Moving Image (Queens, New York) and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

DEVOTION is a Williamsburg gallery focused on the intersection of art, science, new media, and design. Devotion presents cross-disciplinary work that draws from architecture, computation, gaming, biology, fabrication, interface design, open-source communities, cloud computing, sound, and complexity. Devotion encompasses an exhibition space and educational workshop in new media production.

INTERSTATE PROJECTS  focuses on young, emerging artists, and works to connect artists and curators from across the country. It was opened by Tom Weinrich in 2011 and is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The gallery has been written about and reviewed in publications such as Artforum, Modern Painters, The New York Times, and L Magazine. Art fair participation since 2012 has included NADA Miami Beach 2012, NADA New York 2013, Art Platform Los Angeles, Moving Image, and Spring/Break.

MOMENTA ART is one of Brooklyn’s leading independent art spaces. It was founded in 1992 by Eric Heist and Laura Parnes in Williamsburg. Momenta Art typically provides opportunities for emerging and underrepresented artists whose artistic practice often doesn’t fit into the commercial system. Often presenting projects that ask difficult or uncomfortable questions, they seek to enrich artistic and intellectual social reality. 

Videorover, NURTUREart’s semi-annual video series, is an ever-expanding forum for emerging and underrepresented artists working in video. Videorover aims to present a wide range of videos from local and international artists who are willing to question and extend the perceptual limitations of this medium.

Started in 2010 by Rachel Steinberg, Assistant Director at NURTUREart, each season of Videorover is presented in a variety of ways: as an installation in NURTUREart Gallery, as an itinerant screening series, or most often on rotation in the Videorover project space, just outside of NURTUREart Gallery

PRESENT COMPANYFounded in 2011, Present Company is a Brooklyn-based exhibition, performance, and social space run by artists/curators Brian Balderton, Chad Stayrook and José Ruiz. Present Company’s curatorial program highlights individuals and collectives that flourish in an atmosphere of experimentation and critical dialogue in order to collaboratively produce projects that may not be otherwise presented.

TRANSFER GALLERY TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between digital practice and its physical instantiation. The gallery supports artists working with computer-based practices to realize aggressive installation projects within our walls.