APPART Project


AP<P>ART Project 
Exhibition in Shiraz: December 12-17 -----> Dar al Hokoomeh at shiraz Artist's Gallery 
Panel in Shiraz: December 14 -----> Dar al Hokoomeh at shiraz Artist's Gallery 
Exhibition and Workshop in Tehran: December 19-24 -----> Darbast Platform 

A prominent dialogue in computation within the last decade has been the mobile platform. Artists have been re-purposing software and apps to create a critical visual language that didn’t exist before. The use of apps in different cultural contexts and with access to certain technologies creates a technological aesthetic that is glocal (local + global). In the predominantly ‘Western’ industry of mobile apps and phone development, the technological and cultural adoption of these technologies are re-defined and mutated by different regions around the world. The AP<P>ART project reflects on these ideas and the interplay of mobile apps and visual language within cultural, social, and economic boundaries of regions; exploring how artists from different parts of the world use phone apps to push the possibilities and limitations of art and technology.

The AP<P>ART project includes two exhibitions and a series of panels and workshops in Tehran and Shiraz to establish a rarely attentive conversation among the artists in global north and Iran. Thinking about both the digital gap and continuity of technology and how users and eventually artists approach and shape the social and cultural aspects of tech, geopolitics and aesthetics.

Curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Myriam Vanneschi

Participating Artists: Morehshin Allahyari, Anthony Antonellis, Amirali Ghasemi, Mohsen Hazrati, Anahita Hekmat, Claudia Mate, Kimmo Modig, Mani Nilchiani, Eva Papamargariti, Yoshi Sodeoka, Angela Washko.

Workshop by: Anthony Antonellis and Pussykrew