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My answer to Is Google's Deep Dream art?
Published in Hopes&Fears in July 2015.

Google Deep Dream is a medium. On its own it's not art, but the images it’s being used to create can be art. Fugly art.

It reminds me of the generative fractal computer art from the 80s that filled up the columns of my grade school textbooks. Some of the results look like trippy scenes that could be used in a Pixar version of Fantasia. Conceptually it is very interesting; aesthetically it looks like visual Morgellons disease. I'm sure there could be some compelling results; it seems similar to the Photoshop Content-Aware Fill trend. I’m always happy to see a medium that so much of the public enjoys experimenting and playing with, I just wish those results would get printed out and put on their fridges rather than vomited onto my feed like the mid-2015 version of duck face.

Google Deep Dream is our punishment for not liking Google Glass.