micro-curatorial project launching this fall

A gif museum exhibit

demo reel inspired by tech school commercials

How to make money on the internet

a stock video short film

A video accurately described by the title

bottled water infused with energy bracelet

IRL .gif object

Animated GIF on LED Billboard

A technological endurance art installation

Something to reflect on

Detatched Retina Display

Rococo New Media

A series of 24 color gradient .gif objects

A gradient of gradients

Videos about Photoshop

Telesync copies of Photoshop Skillz on VHS tape

Half acrylic, half beamer — 100% on the internet

Self-administered Facebook notifications

Alpha Channel Male + Alpha Channel Female

An homage to Laurie Anderson

net art forgery

An experiment in virtual presence

A Trapper Keeper inspired object

30,000 public domain animated gifs

Trigger words to make the NSA friend you

I am a big bright shining star

Two marvelous objects to gaze upon

Back to School

A selfless portrait

similar food arrangements in distant locations

My color surrogate

Painting between a reflection and the reflected

GIFs saved from Wikimedia requests for deletion

Opening and unpacking artwork I receive

A view of Nutopia made for Sheroes #5

netart in commemoration

Paintings between graffiti and a wall

You will find all my GIFs + JPGs here

Inviting two new artists every 30 days